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13473 County Rd 18

Williamsburg, ON

K0C 2H0

North American Made Products

About Us
Modern Fence Technologies US

Modern Fence Technologies US owners have been in the fence industry since 1970 as the owners and employees of All City Fence. Modern Fence Technologies was formed in 1995 by Mark and Marge Knudson to supply the vinyl fence and deck industry with quality component parts.

Modern Fence Technologies Canada owner - Mart Prost has been involved in manufacturing and wholesale of fence related materials since 1970. The Canadian division of MFT was formed in 2005, to aid in the distribution of product to Canadian customers and is based out of Williamsburg, Ontario.


Who Are We?

Modern Fence Technologies is a distributor with the largest selection of products designed to meet a very demanding customer base. We have hinges, latches, caps, tools, jig tables, CNC routing equipment, screws, rivets, glue, arches and even a rail system just to name a few.

Manufacturing and Mold Capabilities:

MFT is supplied by three sister companies with a combination of over 40 operating machines to include: injection molders, lasers, hydraulic presses, turrets, punch presses, lathes, welders, CNC equipment and much more.

How to build a fence.

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